May 22

Follow up w/ Dr. Arbulu’s talk on Civil Rights

Many thanks to Dr. Agustin Arbulu for taking time out of his schedule to come talk w/ us.



Elliot – Larsen Civil Rights Act of 1976 –

Harvard’s implicit bias test –

– You can take the test at the link above to find out about your attitudes toward society.

Dr. Arbulu mentioned that honest dialogue is the key to a better future:

  1. Honest dialogue about women in the workplace –

2. How dialogue works –

3. Honest dialogue in the corporate workplace –

4. Creating safe spaces for communication –

Here is the link to the Michigan Department of Civil Rights’ report on the Flint Water Crisis –

Michigan Emergency Manager Law 

  1. Article on how we got started w/ the Emergency Manager law –
  2. Did the Emergency Manager law cause the Flint crisis –
  3. Anger of Appointing Emergency Managers in Michigan – NYTimes –

Sensitive Locations Policy – FAQs from federal U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement –

Rights of undocumented workers –

– Know Your Rights – Natrional Immigrants Justice Center

Ban the Box – eliminating the question on employment applications asking if someone has been convicted of a felony –

– Ban the Box organization –

Women’s wage gap – AAUW – Simple Truth about the Wage Gap –

Structural racism – Dismantling Institutional Racism –

– Is America Repeating the Mistakes of 1968? The Atlantic –

– Evidence of societal and economic inequality –

– Issues of Health Inequalities from the New England Journal of Medicine –

LGBTQ+ rights – policy vs. law – interpretation of phrase “prevent discrimination against sex” to include sexual orientation is a policy, not law.

– Issues surrounding LGBTQ rights –

– LGBT rights in America – Wikipedia –

– Washington Post’s article on anti- LGBT legislation –

Differences between Service Animals vs. Emotional Support Animals (Comfort animals). –

– Americans with Disabilities Act criteria for Service Animals –

– Please Don’t Pet Me – service, therapy, and emotional support dogs –


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