February 8

Ch. 18 -19 Google Docs

2nd Hour – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tqXMoSfpu0mn2BdKeob0pf4ignp_3SyT6tQzn4SRAnA/edit?usp=sharing

3rd Hour – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GVbv66VPIs2qviHGuORZpUhOkH-OqYnHDz_M2ovTNFY/edit?usp=sharing

4th Hour – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tCDob5LKLQF0TphMLyltPA0dX-wGsfSwOafz0LPSO5w/edit?usp=sharing

5th Hour – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IvdNJw4R1aVniJbgQNiLSiIZOiY0uTfUyQNK56yLcWM/edit?usp=sharing

Due Sunday, February 12 by 10 pm.  

Extra credit film, Oklahoma City for PBS – http://www.okcityfilm.com/

Extra credit film, Race Underground for PBS – http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/films/race-underground/

Extra credit film, Ruby Ridge from PBS (available 2/14) – http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/films/ruby-ridge/

All extra credit films are due 2 weeks after they’ve aired, so Race is due 2/14, OKCity is due 2/21, and Ruby is due 2/28.  Minimum 1/2 page summary, minimum 1/2 page connection to APUSH.


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  1. Ashley A

    This documentary covers a traumatic event that occurred in 1992 at Ruby Ridges that is also a major event that affects the training and decisions of the police officers and the federal security persons of our nation today. Randy Weaver was a previous green beret who grew up in Iowa and got married to Vicky Weaver. They strongly believed in the Bible and often interpreted its words literally. So, when the economy in Iowa begin to go down and when interest rates were super high they saw these things as the warning signs to the end of the world’s as taught in the Bible. They did as the Bible said and moved to the mountains to separate themselves from the issues that were occurring around them in Iowa and they took their daughter with them to Idaho separated in a cabin hand built by Vicky and Randy. In the surrounding areas there were many white supremacist groups in the form of churches, clans, and picnic meetings. Randy used to hold a meeting called Ayarn Nations that attracted white supremacists from all over the country. He began to explore and believe the things that surrounded him and his daily life and what the people who surrounded him were telling him. In places like these federal agents often go undercover to find out more about the level of threat these types of organizations give to the American people. When an undercover agent approached Mr. Weaver, after being sure that he was clearly a racist and separatist, and asked him to saw off the barrels of guns in trade for money. Randy said yes because he himself was having a little bit of trouble with money. He had commited a federal crime when he agreed to this. The idea behind this is to be able to get randy to turn against the white supremacists and get the government into the Ayarn nations and the white supremacist groups, in trade, he could avoid being arrested, imprisoned and getting his property taken by the government. However Randy refused to do so. When he was arrested and was given a court date his and his family’s hatred of the federal government was increased. Weaver failed to come to the trial and stayed at home for months with his family. The government was watching him as he stayed home, carefully analyzing the ways of his life to see how many people were living in the house and how many people were armed. One day, US Marshalls decided to scope the area of the land near Randy’s house, however they got to close and the weaver dog started barking. Randy and his son Samuel go check it out and gunfire erupts when the two groups meet. In the end of about 20 rounds Samuel and a US marshal named Willy end up dead. The stories told by the two groups were very contradictory to each other when told. Randy and Ken (a friend staying at randy’s house) get Sam’s body and put it in a shed. When the public finds out, the people of the area gathered around the police and taunted them. In the newspapers Randy was displayed as a racist terrorist that needed to be taken out by the government. In all of this, Randy and his family refused to come out, they were committed to their cause and would do anything for it. The killing of the US Marshall brought the issue to the major government’s attention and that is when the government trained police came to the forest with the permission to shoot any armed adult. Randy had decided to see Sam’s body one last time with Ken and then the 2 of them went out. Randy and Ken came back shot and as they were trying to rush back into the house with Vicky at the door, Vicky was shot as well in front of the kids and Randy had to do drag Vicky into the house. The federal officers didn’t know that Vicky died for some time until Randy yelled at them through the windows. When the news of Vicky’s death was opened to the public it caused media to soften the image displayed of the Weavers for the first time. Ken’s shot had gotten really infected and he needed immediate care and Randy was reluctantly convinced to allow for him to be taken to the hospital by the officers and for Vicky’s body to be removed from the house. Soon after, Randy was persuaded by a fellow green beret to come out of the house. The charges against Randy for killing a US Marshall were dropped but the Weavers were able to settle for 3.1 million dollars in damages after suing the government for the killing of their brother and mother.

    This film is connected to what we’ve learned in APUSH because it has to do with the progression of white supremacy in America and how it has been carried down through generations after years of racial adjustment of black people in America. The organizations that surrounded the Weavers are the production of racist white supremacist that never accepted the idea of liberated black people as we are currently learning. In class, we are learning about the civil war and how the institution of slavery affected the belief systems of white people. Black people came to America as slaves and never really got seen as human beings for decades. White people, especially in the south, were proud of the institution and when more and more people came along with anti slavery and abolitionist beliefs they began to defend it with religion, social class, and fear of interbreeding races, and quality of life for black people. These tactics and more are used by white supremacist groups as shown in the documentary but today they uses these reasons to explain why black people are inferior in always to whites. An extraordinary amount of change has happened since the civil war but groups of especially salty whites, most likely form the south, that were still mad at the outcomes of the civil war, passed their beliefs down to their kids which ultimately resulted in the formation of the white power groups we see on the new and that were covered in this film

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