June 20


Groves High School is a suburban Detroit high school located in Beverly Hills, MI and is part of the Birmingham Public Schools.  Geoff Wickersham has been teaching AP U.S. History since 2010 and his passing rate for the APUSH test has ranged from 52% – 80%.

Students are put through a rigorous College Board-approved curriculum that covers American history from pre-Columbus to the 2008 election.  The students are responsible for reading their textbook, American Pageant, 13th edition by Bailey, et. al., and two collections of essays, Potratit of America, volumes 1 and 2.  The students also read, as part of their regular work, The Autiobiography of Frederick Douglass, The Jungle, and The Things They Carried.  Students are also challenged to broaden their historical thinking skills and to think thematically.  Classes consist of discussion, lecture, Socratic seminars, films, and more.

Any review book is fine as long as it is aligned with the new redesign of 2015.  I recommend the AMSCO version, Preparing for the Advanced Placement Exam (http://www.amscopub.com/viewProduct.php?productID=1533301). You will get a copy of this book at the beginning of the year and be able to use it for all coursework.  Please do not write in it, or purchase your own copy at the website listed above.

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