August 24

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October 13

Blog #3 – Your reaction to video, “A Vision of Students Today”

The Groves staff watched this video back at the end of August as one of the introductory discussion topics / food for thought to get us going for the upcoming school year.  It is made by a professor at Kansas State University named Michael Wesch who studies cultural anthropology.

The premise of the video is: “what is it like being a student today?”  Dr. Wesch gets his students to answer the question in a myriad of different ways – some of their responses apply to you and some of them don’t (not being in a college / university environment with huge classrooms). 

Questions to answer:

1. What kind of picture does this video paint of today’s students (yes, college students, but one day soon, you will be one of them)? 

2. Do you think this video presents an accurate picture?   Why or why not? 

3. What do you think are the top three things that a teacher could learn from this video?  Why do you choose these three topics? 

250 words  – due Friday October 15

A link to Dr. Wesch’s talk about the anthropological origins of You Tube.