April 15

Eisenhower Debate Research Google Docs

Using the link below, you can share research info for your debate on whether or not Eisenhower was a good president.

1st Hour – Pro – Ike – http://bit.ly/1n8w6qh

Alex S., Quinn, Zoe K., Ky, Zoe B., Alex B., Amy, Natalie, Clare C., David, Lilah, Paige, Deja.

1st Hour – Anti – Ike – http://bit.ly/1iSZ9sx

Dana, Alex V., Rachel, Claire, Amanda, Coco, Jonah, Jamie, Emma, Annie, Kelsey, Joey, Zach, Colin

2nd Hour – Pro – Ike – http://bit.ly/1ethGhZ

Dan, Lizzy, Timmy, JayMocha, Josh, David, Angelica, Brenden, Grant

2nd Hour – Anti – Ike – http://bit.ly/1eDyPFQ

Liam, Colin, Imani, James, Adam, Hannah, Jill, Abby

3rd Hour – Pro – Ike – http://bit.ly/1iT0zDr

Brendan, Ian, David G., Kris, Griffin, Vince, Madi, Kara

3rd Hour – Anti – Ike – http://bit.ly/1m4U9Gx

Victoria, Audrey, Blake, Katie, Dylan, Lilli, David S., Karlie

5th Hour – Pro- Ike – http://bit.ly/Qn6Xul

Sarah, Ethan, Fayth, Ross, Christina, Kory, Leo, Jasmine, Nick

5th Hour – Anti – Ike – http://bit.ly/1n8wZzc

Ashley, Emily S., Jack, George, Olivia, Nathan, Seth, Emily L., Rebekah.

On Thursday, after the Sputnik and Blast from the Past quizzes, we will devote ourselves to scouring the Interwebs for info on President Eisenhower and all aspects of his presidency.  Bring your laptop or other device, but if you can’t, we will have at least a dozen computers in the room for you to work on.

Each of you must find at least one usable piece of evidence on Ike’s presidency (there will be no group info or shared info).  I define usable as something covering his achievements (foreign, domestic, social, legislative, etc.) or his weaknesses.  Even if you’re on the pro / anti side, you can find research that helps support your views and knocks down what you anticipate the other side’s arguments to be.  You must cite the website properly using www.easybib.com or another online citation source.  This work is due by Saturday, April 19 @ noon. 

Also, don’t just limit yourself to online sources.  If you find a certain passage in a book, quote it and share it with your team.

Debate is Monday, April 21.

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